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Fine Science Tools GmbH
Vangerowstrasse 14
69115 Heidelberg
Telefon: 06221 90 50 50
Telefax: 06221 60 00 01


surgical & micro surgical instruments; finest spring scissors, forceps & rougeurs; Dumont; Moria; S+T products; retractors & retraction systems; surgical & laboratory accessoires; vascular instruments for research; tissue slice recording chamber; animal heating pads
Fine Science Tools GmbH


HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH
Wiesenstr. 55
67466 Lambrecht/Pfalz
Telefon: 06325 9553-0
Telefax: 06325 9553-50



HEKA offers instruments and software for electrophysiological and electrochemical applications.

EPC 10 USB Family - Computer-controlled multi-headstage patch clamp amplifier.

EPC 800 USB - Manual and computer-controlled patch clamp amplifier.

iTEV 100 - Computer-controlled Two Electrode Voltage Clamp amplifier for oocyte and neurons.

LIH 8+8 - Data acquisition system for data acquisition.

PATCHMASTER NEXT – State of the art multi-channel data acquisition and analysis software.

SmartLUX - Synchronization of imaging and electrophysiological data.

DocuLUX – Documentation of your experimental specimen.

ElProScan - Electrochemical probe scanner for SECM, SPECM, SICM, SKP and related
techniques, shear force sensing for distance-control and topography imaging, fluorescence and calicium ratiometric imaging.

PG 600 USB Family - (Bi-)Potentiostats/(Bi-)Galvanostats for voltammetric, amperometric, coulometric experiments in 2-, 3- and 4-electrode mode. Bipotentiostats optimized for low-current, low-noise applications.

Microelectrode holder and microelectrodes.

Pipette pullers, perfusion systems, light sources, filter changers, micromanipulation systems.

HEKA supplies complete setups for electrophysiology and electrochemistry and provides installation and hands-on training. World-wide free support and software updates free of charge.

HEKA is a system integrator and provides products from Warner, Sensapex, Sutter, Olympus, TMC, and many more.


HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH


npi electronic GmbH
Bauhofring 16
71732 Tamm
Telefon: 07141-97302 30
Telefax: 07141-97302 40


  • Single and Double Electrode Voltage Clamp Amplifiers
  • Juxtacellular and Patch Clamp Amplifier
  • Intra- and Extracellular Microelectrode Amplifiers
  • Amplifiers for Voltammetry and Amperometry
  • Miniature Headstages for invivo experiments
  • Filters and Signal Processing Systems
  • Isolated Stimulators
  • Data Acquisition Interfaces and Software
  • Iontophoretic and Pressure Drug Application Systems
  • Superfusion Systems with TTL Input or Computer Control
  • Whole Cell and Pipette Perfusion Systems
  • Recording Chambers and Electrode Holders
  • ScreeningTool, Semi-automated Oocyte Testing with Rapid Solution Exchange
  • Xenoplace Oocyte Workstation
  • SliceMaster Multisite Recording in Brain Slices
  • Micromanipulators and XY-Tables
  • Vibrating Microtomes and Tissue Choppers
  • Mobile HomeCage for Recording in Freely Behaving Animals
  • Vibration Isolation Tables and Faraday Cages
  • Motorized Upright Microscope
  • Fluorescence Illumination Systems
  • Two-Photon (2P) Microscope
  • Systems for Optogenetics and Uncaging
  • Fiber-based Optical Stimulation and Recording
  • Complete Setups for Electrophysiology and Optical Recording
npi electronic GmbH



Science Products (SPT) GmbH
Hofheimer Str. 63
65719 Hofheim
Telefon: 06192 901 396
Telefax: 06192 901 398


Amplifiers, Filters, Stimulators; Pullers, Microforges, Bevelers; Micromanipulators, Steppers; Data Acquisition and Data Analysis Systems; Solution Changers; Electrode Holders, Wire, Glass; Antivibration Tables, Faraday Cages, Patch Clamp Towers; Microscopes; Temperature Controllers; Iontophoresis Systems
Science Products (SPT) GmbH


67 rue Copernic
Telefon: +33 4 72 17 91 92


Pioneer in videotracking analysis system, VIEWPOINT provides tools to automate animal
behaviour analysis.

Rodent behaviour:

VideoTrack system measures animal Locomotion & Behavior. It is the solution for rodents
analysis in tests such as Morris watermaze, elevated plus Maze, Object recognition.

PhenoRack is an high throughput system able to monitor Home Cage Activity 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week. In a few steps you start monitoring the behavior of your animals in

GaitLab is a turnkey solution for automated quantitative assessment of catwalk analysis.
The Gait analysis allows evaluation of many locomotor defects conditions; such as those
occurring in Parkinson’s disease, Spinal Cord Injury, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis,
pain,diseases. Gait Lab has been designed with ease of use in mind. Recording the gait of
10 animals only requires few minutes.

VigiePrimates makes it possible to work on primates and dogs. The animals are
unrestrained from additional sensors: No stress is placed on them!

Marlau Enrichment Cage Moving through a maze is motivated by the need to find food :
water and pellets are placed in two separated compartments. Increased activity is
encouraged by the enlarged exploration area & free access to running wheels. Maze is
changed 3 times a week (12 configurations available). Social interactions are promoted by
the housing together of a large number of animals (12 rats or 16 mice per cage). A red
tunnel protects them from light during the resting period.

Sleep Deprivation System: This simple set-up can be used to work on partial or total
sleep deprivation.SleepScore is a software for the acquisition of electrophysiological
signals necessary to the analysis of sleep in animals. It offers the possibility to quantify the
fragmentation and distribution of different states of vigilance over several days. Sleepscore
has a scoring algorithm of partial or total vigilance states.

Telemetry System, the state of the art wireless telemetry system.

Zebrafish behaviour & screening:

ZebraLab The leading solution for zebrafish screening , Zebralab is a state of the art
automated observation and video tracking solution designed by ViewPoint. It is a complete
system for high throughput tracking and behavioural analysis of zebrafish (Danio rerio).
ZebraLab can be deployed to track zebrafish larvae in multi-well plates, as well as single
adult zebrafish, and shoals.

Zebrabox apparatus enables you to analyse 96 larvae per unit.
The Zebracube is the solution for adult zebrafish.

ZebraFish 3D tracking: Detect the behaviour of your fish in 3 dimensional space

The Visiobox: OKR – OptoKinetic Response and Reflexive visual behavior on zebrafish .
Element of Zebralab, our Visiobox allows the automated observation and tracking of larval
zebrafish visual behavior.



World Precision Instruments Germany GmbH 
Saarstr. 23
61169 Friedberg
Telefon: 06031 1602171
Fax: 06031 1602180


Stereotaxic Frames
  • Manual (mouse, rat, monkey) and motorized
  • Head holders and ear bars for many species
  • Spinal adapters
  • Stereotaxic temperature control
  • Stereotaxic drill system

Brain Microinjection

  • UMP3 syringe pump with Nanofil syringe and needles down to 36G
  • Nanoliter2010 Injector
  • Picopump pressure injectors
  • Neuroscience cannulas

Animal surgery

  • ATC2000 temperature control with mouse and rat rectal probes
  • Broad range of microdissection tools
  • Biocompatible glues
  • Anaesthesia


  • Intracellular
  • Extracellular
  • Transducer amplifiers
  • Metal microelectrodes


  • Stimulus Generators
  • Stimulus isolators

Glass Pipette pulling

  • Glass (single barrel, multi barrel, patch clamp glass)
  • Pipette pullers
  • Bevellers and Microforges


  • Manual
  • Joystick
  • Motorized


  • Syringe pumps (infuse, infuse/withdraw/ push/pull, multisyringe)
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Manual syringe pumps
  • Microsyringes (for Luer, needles, glass pipettes)