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Commercial Partners

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Commercial Partners
Fine Science Tools GmbH
Vangerowstrasse 14
69115 Heidelberg
Telefon: 06221 90 50 50
Telefax: 06221 60 00 01


surgical & micro surgical instruments; finest spring scissors, forceps & rougeurs; Dumont; Moria; S+T products; retractors & retraction systems; surgical & laboratory accessoires; vascular instruments for research; tissue slice recording chamber; animal heating pads
Fine Science Tools GmbH


HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH
Wiesenstr. 55
67466 Lambrecht/Pfalz
Telefon: 06325 9553-0
Telefax: 06325 9553-50



HEKA offers instruments and software for electrophysiological and electrochemical applications.

EPC 10 USB Family - Computer-controlled multi-headstage patch clamp amplifier.

EPC 800 USB - Manual and computer-controlled patch clamp amplifier.

iTEV 100 - Computer-controlled Two Electrode Voltage Clamp amplifier for oocyte and neurons.

LIH 8+8 - Data acquisition system for data acquisition.

PATCHMASTER NEXT – State of the art multi-channel data acquisition and analysis software.

SmartLUX - Synchronization of imaging and electrophysiological data.

DocuLUX – Documentation of your experimental specimen.

ElProScan - Electrochemical probe scanner for SECM, SPECM, SICM, SKP and related
techniques, shear force sensing for distance-control and topography imaging, fluorescence and calicium ratiometric imaging.

PG 600 USB Family - (Bi-)Potentiostats/(Bi-)Galvanostats for voltammetric, amperometric, coulometric experiments in 2-, 3- and 4-electrode mode. Bipotentiostats optimized for low-current, low-noise applications.

Microelectrode holder and microelectrodes.

Pipette pullers, perfusion systems, light sources, filter changers, micromanipulation systems.

HEKA supplies complete setups for electrophysiology and electrochemistry and provides installation and hands-on training. World-wide free support and software updates free of charge.

HEKA is a system integrator and provides products from Warner, Sensapex, Sutter, Olympus, TMC, and many more.


HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH


npi electronic GmbH
Bauhofring 16
71732 Tamm
Telefon: 07141-97302 30
Telefax: 07141-97302 40


  • Single and Double Electrode Voltage Clamp Amplifiers
  • Juxtacellular and Patch Clamp Amplifier
  • Intra- and Extracellular Microelectrode Amplifiers
  • Amplifiers for Voltammetry and Amperometry
  • Miniature Headstages for in vivo experiments
  • Filters and Signal Processing Systems
  • Isolated Stimulators
  • Data Acquisition Interfaces and Software
  • Iontophoretic and Pressure Drug Application Systems
  • Superfusion Systems with TTL Input or Computer Control
  • Whole Cell and Pipette Perfusion Systems
  • Recording Chambers and Electrode Holders
  • ScreeningTool, Semi-automated Oocyte Testing with Rapid Solution Exchange
  • Xenoplace Oocyte Workstation
  • SliceMaster Multisite Recording in Brain Slices
  • Micromanipulators and XY-Tables
  • Vibrating Microtomes and Tissue Choppers
  • Mobile HomeCage for Recording in Freely Behaving Animals
  • Vibration Isolation Tables and Faraday Cages
  • Motorized Upright Microscope
  • Fluorescence Illumination Systems
  • Two-Photon (2P) Microscope
  • Systems for Optogenetics and Uncaging
  • Fiber-based Optical Stimulation and Recording
  • Complete Setups for Electrophysiology and Optical Recording
npi electronic GmbH



Science Products (SPT) GmbH
Hofheimer Str. 63
65719 Hofheim
Telefon: 06192 901 396
Telefax: 06192 901 398


Amplifiers, Filters, Stimulators; Pullers, Microforges, Bevelers; Micromanipulators, Steppers; Data Acquisition and Data Analysis Systems; Solution Changers; Electrode Holders, Wire, Glass; Antivibration Tables, Faraday Cages, Patch Clamp Towers; Microscopes; Temperature Controllers; Iontophoresis Systems
Science Products (SPT) GmbH


World Precision Instruments Germany GmbH 
Saarstr. 23
61169 Friedberg
Telefon: 06031 1602171
Fax: 06031 1602180


Stereotaxic Frames
  • Manual (mouse, rat, monkey) and motorized
  • Head holders and ear bars for many species
  • Spinal adapters
  • Stereotaxic temperature control
  • Stereotaxic drill system

Brain Microinjection

  • UMP3 syringe pump with Nanofil syringe and needles down to 36G
  • Nanoliter2010 Injector
  • Picopump pressure injectors
  • Neuroscience cannulas

Animal surgery

  • ATC2000 temperature control with mouse and rat rectal probes
  • Broad range of microdissection tools
  • Biocompatible glues
  • Anaesthesia


  • Intracellular
  • Extracellular
  • Transducer amplifiers
  • Metal microelectrodes


  • Stimulus Generators
  • Stimulus isolators

Glass Pipette pulling

  • Glass (single barrel, multi barrel, patch clamp glass)
  • Pipette pullers
  • Bevellers and Microforges


  • Manual
  • Joystick
  • Motorized


  • Syringe pumps (infuse, infuse/withdraw/ push/pull, multisyringe)
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Manual syringe pumps
  • Microsyringes (for Luer, needles, glass pipettes)