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Who We Are

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Who We Are

We are a group of young scientists sharing the will for a proper representation of young fellow scientists in the German neuroscience community. Below, we introduce ourselves to you by a few notes.

Sophie Seidenbecher

PhD Studentin, DANDRITE, University oft Aarhus, Denmark   

Ayse Maraslioglu

PhD Studentin, Animal Physiology, TU Kaiserslautern


Jana Nerlich

PostDoc (PhD), Carl-Ludwig-Institute for Physiology, University of Leipzig

Andreas Ritzau-Jost

PostDoc (MD), Carl-Ludwig-Institut for Physiology, University of Leipzig 


Get in Touch

We are a small group of enthusiasts, and we want to expand. Therefore, we need YOU.

So if we caught your attention and if you think our aims are worthy of support, then drop your email and we will get back to you soon!