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jNWG kick-off meeting (September 13 – 15, 2019)  in Magdeburg

In order to facilitate our collaboration, we would like to announce the date of the first jNWG Kickoff-meeting which will be held at the LIN Magdeburg from September 13th to 15th, 2019.

We invite all of you who want to actively engage to join us there, since this meeting will mostly focus on getting things organized for the jNWG, but we will also take care of some valuable guest speaker sharing general career advice.

Our preliminary program:







Arrival until 5pm

Intro to the jNWG

Lab-tour @ LIN

Welcome and get to

know each other

Working in task-forces on future jNWG activities

Presentation and discussion of

task-force results

Get together – BBQ

Career panel

Departure from 2pm



If you are interested in meeting and getting active to jointly develop the jNWG, please let us know until June 30th in order to facilitate finding an accommodation and planning the meeting.


Your jNWG




13th Göttingen Neuroscience Meeting (March 20 – 23, 2019)


The 13th meeting of the German Neuroscience Society (NWG) was extremely exciting, and we finally  were founded officially during the general assembly held during the meeting. Additionally, we :

  1. were present at our poster providing all relevant information on us and what we aim for in the jNWG.  
  2. We furthermore held an informal meeting on March 22nd @ Thanners, and we are still electrified by the numerous dialogues and lively discussions about new ideas and feedback on the jNWG!
  3. We were finally participating in the selection of the winners of the breaking news contributions and
  4. the meeting of the Neuroforum editorial board, which we were ad-hoc voted to join.


Thank you all for your interest in jNWG and stay tuned, there’s more to come!


Best wishes, your jNWG