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Thermo Fisher Scienctific Technology Award of the GNS 2019

The TFS Award of the GNS was bestowed upon Jonas Wietek, from the Experimental Biophysics group at Humboldt University Berlin. Jonas  designed the first light-gated anion-conducting channelrhodopsins (ACRs), thereby initiating a new field of photoactivated inhibitory ion channels. Jonas  applies molecular biological and electrophysiological methods to design ACRs with manifold biophysical properties, in order to provide suitable tools for neuronal inhibition. Already, his finding and development of new ACRs have made substantial impacts on the neurosciences and optogenetics, since ACRs can be efficiently used to inhibit neurons in all model organisms. This facilitates deactivation with the highest possible levels of accuracy in defined brain areas, neuronal networks, or even single neurons, as well as to investigate the functioning of neuronal structures in detail.


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