FNN 2019 Hannover

FNN 2019 Hannover
Functional Neurosurgery and Neuromodulation to treat Refractory Spasticity
Do, 28.11.2019


Wissenschaftliche Organisatoren: 
Werner EK Braunsdorf, MD (Madgeburg/GER)
Juan Carlos Marion Andreani, MD (Buenos Aires/ARG)
Wojciech Maksymowicz, MD (PhD (Warsaw/PL)
Tommaso Tufo (Rome/IT)
bsh medical communications GmbH / Brigitte Soubusta-Hoppe / Liebfrauenstrasse 7 / 40591 Duesseldorf / Germany
+49 (0)211 77058910

Herewith we would like to invite you to Hannover on November
28th, 2019, to exchange your knowledge in the field of neuromodulation,
with the main topic being focused on spastic
movement disorders. We are naturally hoping for a large variety
of abstract submissions, study papers and research approaches
on this subject.
All those who actively use neuromodulation tend to underestimate
spastic movement disorders, unless botulinum and
intrathecal baclofen therapy are the focus of attention.
In recent years, new experimental and clinical approaches have
emerged. Therefore, taking into account neuromodulatory
procedures, we would like to call for a scientific discussion and
in doing so, address all those who wish to find new options over
the known standards.
During the process, a workshop character should be maintained,
so that even “unfinished” concepts and initial results, which have
not yet been highlighted in the relevant publications, should be
shown and hopefully achieve initiative within the community.
Accordingly, we would be very happy if we can get together!
We cordially invite you to actively participate and ask for your
Please send your lectures per email to us.
Werner EK Braunsdorf, MD
in the name of the organizers