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Breaking News‘ Best Paper Award 2019

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Breaking News' Best Paper Award 2019

With this award, the GNS pursues one of its primary goals, supporting and encouraging young researchers. Three awardees are selected from undergraduate students who delivered short communications during one of the two Breaking News Symposia.

Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students can apply to deliver a short communication during the Breaking News Symposia. The program committee selects twenty abstracts from these submissions for the two symposia. Of these twenty presentations, the award jury, which includes two members of the young NWG-section, selects the three best presentations. The Breaking News’ Best Paper Award was first presented in 2019. Selection criteria include how topical and novel the results are, how they might impact future research, and how they are presented, both visually and in deliverance. Award values include 500 Euro for the first prize, 300 Euro for the second prize and 200 Euro for the third prize.

The 2019 winners include the following young scientists:

1st Prize: Golan Karvat (Optophysiology, University of Freiburg)
Real-time neurofeedback in freely behaving rats: training a network to study a network

2nd Prize: Sebastian Mauricio Molina-Obando (European Neuroscience Institute, University of Göttingen)
A combination of GABA- and glutamate-gated chloride channels mediates ON selectivity in the Drosophila visual system

3rd Prize: Madhura Ketkar (Institute for Developmental and Neurobiology, University of Mainz)
A luminance-sensitive cell type in Drosophila facilitates visual contrast computation

The prize money comes from a generous earmarked donation.

Petra Wahle awards the Breaking News Best Papers Awards 2019 to the winners (from left to right) Golan Karvat,
Sebastian Mauricio Molina-Obando and Madhura Ketkar