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ALBA-Elsevier Award Lecture on Brain Sciences

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ALBA-Elsevier Award Lecture on Brain Sciences

This award was established in 2021 in order to recognise yearly research achievements of outstanding quality by an active scientist working at the frontiers of brain research, at any career stage PhD or MD onwards, who has made contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) issues in their career, and who is currently working in a country underrepresented among neuroscience publications and conferences. In addition to highlighting the awarded individual’s scientific excellence, this prize will support regional diversity and increase visibility of both the scientist and their institution.


  • The awardee receives 3000€ in prize money.
  • The 2023 and 2024 ALBA-Elsevier Award winners will each deliver a Special Lecture at the next biennial FENS Forum, Europe's premier neuroscience event, taking place in Vienna from 25-29 June 2024. The lecture will be advertised by ALBA and by Elsevier.
  • Registration to the FENS Forum 2024 is waived and a lump sum of 1300€ is provided to contribute towards accommodation and travel to the Forum.

The award is open to active scientists of any origin, at any career stage PhD or MD onwards, working in a research institution in countries underrepresented1 among neuroscience publications and conferences.

Candidates can either self-nominate or be nominated by fellow neuroscientists. Current members of the ALBA Board of Directors and ALBA Awards working group are ineligible for this award. Selection of the award winner will be made by an ad hoc committee set by the ALBA Network. Important criteria of assessment will be (a) the scientific accomplishments of the candidate (b) their contributions to mentorship and DEI issues in their career (c) the proposed content of the lecture which should be appealing to the broad neuroscience audience of the FENS meeting. The successful candidate will be notified a month after the nomination deadline. Candidates who have not received notification by this date should assume that they have not been successful.

Candidates should submit the following:

  • CV which should include: list of publications, list of oral presentations at conferences or institutional seminars and lecturing experience
  • A proposed title and abstract (max 500 words) for their potential ALBA-Elsevier lecture. The talk should be aimed at the broad neuroscience audience of the FENS meeting and should bring out the excitement of their particular field and own contribution as well.
  • A short personal statement (max. one page) describing their eligibility and how this award will impact their career in science
  • A brief candidate endorsement by a prominent neuroscientist, outlining their suitability for the award, should accompany the nomination

The 2024 call for nominations is now open until

20 October 2023.

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