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Call for Abstracts Göttingen 2021

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Call for Abstracts Göttingen 2021

Abstracts are required for poster and oral presentations. Oral presentations are plenary lectures, talks in symposia and young investigator presentations. The first two are invited presentations. For the latter, however, students (i.e. young scientists who did not complete their Ph.D./M.D.) can apply. There are two options for young investigator presentations:

1) Each symposium has two slots for young investigator presentations.
2) Two Breaking News Symposia offers in addition slots for young investigator presentations.

As a student you have the choice to indicate on the registration form whether you want to participate with a poster presentation or whether you prefer giving an oral presentation if selected. The program committee will select the young investigator presentations from these submissions and assign them either to a symposium or to the Breaking News symposium. In case you are selected for the latter, you are also automatically shortlisted for the Breaking News’ Best Paper Award.

The duration of an oral presentation is 10 minutes (incl. discussion).

If not selected for an oral presentation you agree that your contributions will be automatically assigned to the poster sessions.

If selected for an oral presentation your contribution will not be included on the poster sessions.

You should have your abstract ready in its final version before starting the process. The following components are required:

- Title of the abstract
- Author(s)
- Authors’ affiliations
- Text body (max. 3.500 characters including spaces)

You are allowed to add one figure and one table to your abstract. The file must adhere to the following requirements:

- Only JPEG or GIF images are acceptable.
- Please create JPEG image file only in RGB color mode (not CMYK).
- The table must be converted to a JPEG or GIF image file (see below).
- If you wish, you can combine tables and/or figures to one figure / image file.
- Maximum size: 200 KB.
- Maximum width: 550 pixel, maximum height: 450 pixel (all larger figures will be scaled down)

The registered participant is automatically the first, i.e. presenting author of the contribution. Your personal data create the affiliation of the presenting author. Each regular participant is entitled to submit one poster abstract as presenting author. Speakers in symposia and plenary speakers are entitled to present one poster in addition to their oral presentation. This second abstract must also be submitted during the registration procedure. Later submission of this poster abstract is not possible, it must also be entered during the initial registration procedure.

Register and submit here.